How to Prevent Sleep Problem

Though said to be a need, in fact, sleep is not a priority. When finally experience sleep disturbances, no one knows. Knew that the disease is triggered already approached sleep disorders.

Dr. Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT of Mitra Kemayoran Hospital revealed there are various types of sleep disorders. There is a lack of sleep, disturbed sleep or insomnia, but there is also a frequent awakening during sleep.

But of the many types of sleep disorders, sleep deprivation may be the most common and most often unconsciously.

The characteristics of people who are sleep deprived, according to Dr. Rimawati Tedjasukmana, SPS, RPSGT of Medistra is likely to emotion, quickly tired and often look sleepy during the day when not staying up.

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But if you want to make sure if someone is sleep deprived or not, the doctor may do a sleep test (test bed). But in Indonesia, there are only a few hospitals and clinics are having a sleep laboratory, rose in the capital.

Dr. Rima said that in this test, the patient was taken to the laboratory and sleep habits were monitored for a few hours by a doctor. “In Medistra will cost about USD 3.7 million. When the test is about 5 hours,” he told detikHealth some time ago.

If still in doubt, similar tests can also be done at home because sometimes the difference between the atmosphere in the room alone with in the laboratory could affect the test results. For the test at home, the technique is screening blood oxygen levels with the tools costing about USD 100-159 thousand.

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So what can be done to restore sleep patterns? “First, approximately prioritize sleep. Take time to it. Because most not can not sleep but there’s no time to sleep,” said Dr. Andreas or familiarly called Dr. Ade this.

People who have experienced a myriad of reasons for the ‘ngeles’ so it does not meet his needs, such as overtime or prefer to play video games.

Consumption of sleeping pills is not recommended, even if the cases are still relatively mild sleep less. “If you have severe yes to the doctor,” advises Dr. Ade. (Lll / up)

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