Diet still with Rice

Diet still with Rice
Diet still with Rice

Want to lose weight? Do not have to starve ria and stop eating rice anyway, nutritionists reveal that the carbohydrates remain an important component for consumption, even though you’re looking to lose weight.

This was conveyed by nutritionists Leona Victoria Djajadi, MND. According to him, while he wants to lose weight does not mean you should actually setop eat rice. Okay, enough yangdikurangi portion.

“Many people deliberately reduce the consumption of rice or even setop altogether because they are fattening. Should it continue to eat rice but reduced,” said Victoria to detikHealth.

Graduate of the University of Sydney continues, one when people then think carbohydrates fattening and consumption should be stopped altogether. Even though you want to lose weight, carbohydrates are also important remains consumed.

“It was a very wrong view because the human daily need of carbohydrates for the brain and muscle performance. If the shortage of carbohydrates then it will begin to difficulty concentrating, mood swings, fatigue, headache could even pass out,” he added.

So should not eliminate carbs, but choose the type of carbohydrate low glycemic index. “The portion is also limited to one small cup per meal, three times a day,” said Victoria.

Carbohydrates are divided into two categories, simple and complex carbohydrates. Both are important consumed to meet daily needs. Simple carbohydrates is a form of carbohydrate that can be quickly absorbed by the body for digestion process shortly. These types of carbohydrates are usually found in granulated sugar, brown sugar, honey, sugar contained in biscuits, and various other sweet substances.

While complex carbohydrates are carbohydrates which require the decomposition process before it can be absorbed by the body, such as rice, vegetables and fruit.

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