4 Common Mistakes When Cleaning an Ear


The habit of cleaning the ears is not something that is recommended. Some errors when performing these habits can increase the risk of hearing loss.

According to experts, the eardrum and hearing bones, called ossicle easily damaged. Sometimes, need surgery to repair the damage.

“The worst case scenario, damage ossicle cause leakage of fluid from the inner ear. This could trigger severe vertigo and hearing loss is permanent,” said Boris Chernobilsky, professor of otolaryngology at New York City, as quoted by Health.com.

According to Dr. Chernobilsky, ear cavity generally do not need to be cleaned. The skin on the direction of growing a unique experience, so the dirt will always be pushed out without the need for manual cleaning.

When someone already has the habit of cleaning their ears, some of the following errors can increase the risk of hearing damage.

1. Too often cleaning the ears
Some people are obsessed with cleaning the ear as often as possible. In fact, according to Dr. Chernobilsky, their little earwax, called cerumen is not no function.
“It is a natural skin lotion. Cerumen also contain substances that kill certain bacteria and prevent pertumbuan mushrooms,” he explained.

2. Using a cotton bud

The form is rigid, and sometimes spiky can damage the skin and eardrum. Cotton on the end of earwax can also make even more inclined to go inside and trigger impaction.

Another possibility that is no less creepy, wadding it separated from the handle and left in the ear cavity. If this happens, contact your doctor to remove it.

3. Wear hairpin or brooch

If the soft cotton alone is not recommended, especially hard objects taper should be avoided altogether. Some people use a pin or hairpin to clean his ears, and increase the risk of damage to the eardrum.

4. Using candles

The heat coming from the candle flame is believed to have effects such as a vacuum, which suck up dirt without scraping. Although there are quite a lot of success stories that have been reported, the scientific evidence does not support it.

According to Dr. Chernobilsky, the use of candles in some cases cause perforation or hole in the eardrum. In other cases, there is also a hair burning candle flame.

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